The Lady of Shalott

Willows whiten, aspens quiver

Tracy Petry Hunnicutt
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This journal is now for keeping my claims in writing communities. It is to be used in conjunction with spell_divine. The difference being, this journal will only be used for writing, while the community will have memes, etc. as well. Also, this will take away the need to connect my personal journal with any sort of connection with claims communities.

This journal originally was basically an RPG for Anne from Anne of Green Gables. I couldn't keep that up, however, I didn't want to delete it. Hence the makeover. However, I had changed the dates on the entries in an attempt to mimic Anne's world (although I couldn't do 1800s, so I did 1900s). I can't fix the dates, because I covered a span of like 5 years in only 3 years.

Slash: Tends to mean anything homosexual. However, since I find fictional slash and canonical slash to be different, if it's in canon (e.g. Kevin/Scotty from Brothers & Sisters), I'll have it marked as "slash (canon)".

Alternate Universe (or AU): This seems to be mostly used as a catch all excuse to break canon and become completely imaginative without restrictions. I'll mostly use it on pieces where a) A main character is paired with an original character, b) Any crossover, and c) The character is in a time/place different than canon.

Anne of Green Gables: A series of books by L.M. Montgomery following the life of an orphan girl.
Brothers & Sisters: An ABC television series which follows a family of five adult siblings living in California.
Calgary Flames: The professional hockey team in Calgary, Alberta.
Detroit Red Wings: The professional hockey team in Detroit, Michigan.
M*A*S*H: A CBS television series about an American MASH unit in the Korean War.
Medium: A CBS television series about a woman who is a medium working for the Phoenix District Attorney.
Supernatural: A WB/The CW television series about a pair of brothers who hunt demons, etc.
What a Girl Wants: A movie based off the play "The Reluctant Debutant".

Original Work: Tom Parkers
M*A*S*H: General

-Banners for completed challenges-

Anne of Green Gables: Gilbert
Anne of Green Gables: Anne/Gilbert (Table #1)
Brothers & Sisters: Kevin/Scotty (Alpha)
Brothers & Sisters: Kevin/Scotty (Wedding Vows)
Brothers & Sisters: Kevin/Scotty (Snog Challenge)
M*A*S*H: BJ/Peg Hunnicutt (Table #11)
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